May 22 • 35M

How To Store Seeds For A Lifetime!

Will Your Seeds Survive? #SurviveTheCrap #JovanHuttonPulitzer

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Prepping, Food Security, Culture Preservation, Freedom From Tyranny! #SurviveTheCrap #JovanHuttonPulitzer #CutTheCrapShow - COULD YOU CUT OFF YOUR OWN ARM, so you could live? WOULD YOU EAT YOUR OWN BELOVED DOG, if your survival or the survival of your family depended on it? The human condition is to learn only in tough times, but who wants to learn when the chips are down and their very life depends on their decisions? Better to study those who have survived and integrate those lessons into your own memory bank of learning. We cover topics such as PREPPING SURVIVAL FOOD SECURITY STORING GROWING RAISING HOBBY FARM SMALL FARM BARTER FAMILY SAFETY FREEDOM LIBERTY FINANCIAL SECURITY TRADE GOODS HOME REMEDIES GOLD/SILVER SELF DEFENSE ANIMAL HUSBANDRY AQUAPONICS HYDROPONICS AQUACULTURE SELF-SUFFICIENT TRAPPING CANNING HEIRLOOM VEGETABLES FAST-GROWING FOOD CROPS WATER HARVESTING WATER PURIFICATION
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This episode is for paid subscribers